Rancho Los Cerritos is a non-profit organization in Long Beach, California that was in need of a branding update. So they could better serve their mission, all materials were designed as templates that in-house staff and volunteers could utilize. This helped reduce costs while still allowing the organization to develop updated materials that resonated with a modern audience. 
The overall branding was designed to be simple, straightforward, modern in look-and-feel, but still relatable to this historical landmark. The color green was borrowed from the buildings themselves to serve as a recognizable branding element in all collateral.
A highlight of the rebrand would be the program brochure. It was important that the piece be designed in a way that would allow people to want to save the piece. With that in mind I designed an inspiring piece of art that educators and parents are encouraged to display by utilizing an asset library full of unique imagery that told the story of RLC and watercolor textures taken from my archives.
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